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Testimonials on our products


Below are some comments on our ovens primarily because it is what we do the most of. Some comments are sent to us via email, some are actual web links that go to forums dedicated to powder coating. We only list first names below comments to help protect user identity and also removed the company names and locations.


Ted ,

I got the oven yesterday in perfect condition, my first thoughts where wow this is bigger than I expected it to be. When we finally got it stood up from laying on the pallet we got it hooked up and everything worked as you said it would. We added a few hanger racks inside of it and started to use it. It works great. I sure am glad I found you before I bought a high dollar unit since I am only doing this on the side.

thanks again



thank you for the oven, as I told you on the phone we run a manufacturing facility with 2 shifts coating small industrial parts. I figured I would wait a month  after receiving the unit to send you a thanks you email as I was honestly kind of skeptical at what you where selling for the price . well it exceeded my thoughts and works flawlessly we no longer need to send these parts out of house and and are planning on purchasing another unit from you within the next few months for our 2nd operations plant in the north west .




we received the oven last week and had it installed promptly. It works great and is nicely finished. We will recommend you to other companies at trade shows we travel to.



Hello- my name is Nick, my business partner Eric. We purchased a 6' oven combo from you back in the beginning of '08.
1st off, I just wanted to say thank you for your quality workmanship and fair prices. We opened our doors in April '08 and have out grown our 1200 sq ft shop. We are now moving to a 4000+ sq ft shop and about to purchase a 16'-22' deep oven... we have launched our business all from your products. We run our oven 5 days a week 8-10 hrs a day with never a problem. We plan to keep this oven, as it allows us to be VERY competitive on smaller items as all our competition has 16'+ ovens. We have sold hundreds of coated items on eBay with your products, thanks a million man!
 Thanks, Nick

The main element went out of my oven, where can I purchase a new and what is a general price that it will cost?  You can call or e-mail the information to whichever is best for you.  Also I would like to say the oven is a great piece and works like a charm.  I have ran this oven for over 700 hrs and this is my first breakdown.  Thanks very much.
Another Satisfied customer,

these are just a few of the compliments we have received, if you would like to see more just ask. we can forward you to public help forums with our product reviews on them






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